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About Diary of Hackers

Diary of Hacker (DoH) is an award winning Cybersecurity Platform that focuses on Cybersecurity! This initiative responds to the urgent demand for trained Cybersecurity talent in Africa while recognizing the importance of providing students and enthusiasts with knowledge, skills and insights needed to thrive in this important field.

DoH aims to bring together cybersecurity students and enthusiast to enhance their professional development through the Expert Interview Sessions, Mentorship, CyberUp, Networking with Peers and other engaging activities. Diary of Hackers provides opportunities that will help enthusiasts to know more about industry experts and learn from their experience.

Our Initiatives


We invite resourceful experts in different Cybersecurity domain to share knowledge and practical insights with the audience.

Interview with Experts

Industry Experts shares their life experience with audience and advice the upcoming Cybersecurity professionals.

Learn With Peers

Hands-on and bootcamp training to help peers in the same level understand some cybersecurity concepts and partake in some challenge together.

CTF Challenge

Regular hands-on Capture the Flag (CTF) challenege where enthusiasts can sharpen their skills in practical cyber security contest.

Community MeetUps

An informal meet-up of Cybersecurity enthusiasts where you get to connect with other enthusiasts, share ideas and experience.

Cyber Career Fair

This annual fair provides insight and foresight to Cybersecurity Enthusiasts in Africa and around the world on how they can be well-positioned at developing and building the necessary skills needed for a career in Cyber Security.

Cyber Starters Conference

Cyber Starters conference is the Largest Annual Cybersecurity Conference for Newbies. This provides those getting into cybersecurity with the needed knowledge, skills and abilities needed to start their cybersecurity career.

Cybersecurity Students Network

Cybersecurity Student network is an institution-based community group for students interested in Cyber security and cybersecurity technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a Cyber Security Professional or an enthusiast are all welcome.


We seek opportunities for members from organizations, these include internships, jobs, certifications, books and resources, gifts and whatever will add value to their professional career.

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Freely connect with like minds to level up your cybersecurity career and explore new opportunities.

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