April DoH Learn with Peers Program (LWP)

Starts on Tuesday 12th, April, 2021
Ends on Friday 15th April, 2021

Why Learn with peers

This is an initiative of Diary of Hackers that helps individuals learn together in other to complete training as group.

Why join this Virtual Case Experience?

Are you studying business, IT, math or physics? Do you understand cloud, web and IT services? Are you confident about navigating the cyber landscape safely? Prepared to proactively combat cyberattacks and threats? Wondering how we help build trust in the digital transformation by combining people, technology and business?

Our Virtual Case Experience in Cybersecurity will give you the chance to live our approach: All Eyes on Trust. Help us to build and protect our clients business so they can have the confidence to take the initiative, transform and thrive in an uncertain but highly rewarding environment. And gain insights on how we help our clients work around the risks and proactively combat cyberattacks and threats

More information: https://www.theforage.com/virtual-internships/prototype/f9H4CHchzrKQbnbmK/Cyber-and-Forensics-Virtual-Experience-Program