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Cyber Defense

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Appr. 3hours

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2 Labs


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Getting into the field of cyber security for most people can be quite daunting because resources that map out a clear path are very scarce. There are quite a lot of free resources and paid courses out there, but if care is not taken, you’re more likely to end up a lot more confused than enlightened after using them. Following completion of this course in just under 3 hours, you should be able to come to an informed decision point with regards to your cyber security career aspiration.

Course description

This course teaches basic knowledge of cyber security in relation to the goals of security practitioners and cyber adversaries. Additionally, students will get to discover the cyber security profession by getting answers to some of the most common questions that individuals seeking to break into the field usually ask. They will also learn about the NICE cybersecurity workforce framework while gaining an insight to key considerations that should aid their professional certification choices. The cyber security career decision tree lecture is an important one that should help students visualize and determine the possible paths that lead to where they want to be in the field of cyber security. Students will also gain basic knowledge of cyber threats, threat actors, vulnerabilities, common avenues of cyber attacks, and the role that vulnerability plays in the cyber kill chain framework. In the final section of this course, they will learn about possible negative outcomes of a cyber attack, which will help them understand the negative impact of cyber attacks on the four cyber breach case studies covered in the course.


Basic knowledge of how computers and the Internet work

Who can take this course?

  • Aspiring cyber security professionals
  • IT Professionals who are considering a career switch
  • Non-IT professionals who fancy a cyber security career
  • Anyone seeking to have foundational knowledge of cyber defense

This course includes

  • approximately 3 hours of on-demand video
  • 2 practical labs
  • free white papers and downloadable resources
  • 90 days of access
  • access on mobile
  • Quizes
  • Certificate of completion
  • End of course workshop

Key Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define cyber security and discuss it in terms of what cyber adversaries and enterprise defenders are always aiming to accomplish
  • Decide whether a cyber security career is for them following understanding of key considerations and common myths
  • Discuss the NICE cybersecurity workforce framework in terms of cyber security work roles
  • Make informed decision about cyber security certifications to pursue
  • Understand the categories of actions and investments that contribute to cyber defense
  • Have a clear understanding their cyber security career path based on their interests, abilities and current circumstances
  • Recall and recognize sources of very useful cyber security resources and study materials
  • Discuss cyber threats in general and common types of threats and threat actors
  • Discuss vulnerabilities in general and the vulnerability management lifecycle
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how an enterprise defender can win against cyber adversaries through effective vulnerability management
  • Discuss common avenues of cyber attacks while demonstrating basic knowledge of four cyber defense domains in terms of tools and techniques typically used to protect organizational systems
  •  Discuss different reasons why organizations should take cyber defense seriously in relation to the possible negative outcomes of a cyber attack
  • Discuss four high profile cyber security incidents in terms of what happened, why they happened, how they happened and what could have been done to prevent them

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